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Etizolam is mainly used for the short-term treatment of insomnia, chronic anxiety disorder, and panic attacks. While this psychoactive drug is also effective for other certain physical disorders such as headaches, back pain, muscle spasms, etc.  Etizolam works quite in a similar way as other drugs of benzodiazepine family, it also targets the neurotransmitter called gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) in the brain and stimulates this neurotransmitter in order slow nerve pulses. However, this drug isn’t wholly a benzodiazepine but closely related to it (derivative of benzos).

Therapeutic benefits of etizolam

  • Etizolam cure anxiety

Etizolam is very effective at treating chronic anxiety and depression. A double-blind study was conducted on 30 female subjects, and it has been observed that this drug effectively reduces the anxiety level and depressive symptoms in the subject. This drug also helps to get relief from panic disorder and hypertension.

  • Etizolam gives a peaceful sleep

The benefits of etizolam are somewhat similar to any tricyclic anti-depressants and can be administered to cure insomnia of temporary nature. It improves the sleeping pattern of the user, by using this drug user will be able to get a longer sleep. However, etizolam won’t be a good choice for long-term treatment of sleeplessness due to its addiction potential. Long-term use of etizolam can also raise some unwanted side effects.

  • Etizolam alleviates pain

Though Etizolam can give you a short relief from chronic pain, but it’s not an ideal form of treatment for physical pain or muscle spasms.

For young female patients, etizolam could be an ideal one to get relief from headaches and shoulder pain. In combination with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, etizolam becomes very effective at treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

  • Etizolam reduces schizophrenic delusions

Schizophrenic Delusion is a serious cognitive disorder. The patients always hear some voices which aren’t there, their behavior becomes completely disorganized. For them etizolam could be ideal medicine, it reduces the auditory hallucinations seen in a patient with schizophrenia.

  • Etizolam prevents different brain disorders

Some rare brain disorders like neuroleptic malignant syndrome can be cured with this medicine. This type of disorder often causes muscular rigidity or dysfunction, high fever, unstable blood pressure, and altered mental status.

Etizolam also controls the recurrence of chronic subdural hematoma which happens due to the old presence collection of blood and blood breakdown products in the surface of the brain and also its outermost covering or ‘Dura’.


Though, etizolam has been considered as a best one among its class. But it also has some sedative and sleep-inducing effects, and that is the reason doctors prescribed this drug only for short-term treatment purpose. Prolonged use of this drug may increase the risk of developing reverse tolerance and rebound symptoms such as rebound anxiety, rebound insomnia, etc.

Although there are benefits of etizolam and it has lower dependence potential compared to other classic benzodiazepines, one should be taken this drug with caution because the possibilities of dependence can’t be eliminated completely.


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