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Anxiety is a lot more than just being stressed or worried. It is a type of disorder that causes different types of physical responses such as nervousness, fear, apprehension, uneasiness, etc. In general, anxiety disorder directly effects on one’s feeling and behavior. This type of mental condition isn’t developed by a single factor, but a combination of multiple factors like physical health condition, lifestyle, difficult life experiences, everything plays a role. It is extremely important to identify the symptoms of anxiety.

And it is the most common mental health condition or disorder in today’s world; I guess every one of us faces this disorder at some stages of life. At certain times the situation becomes quite serious, we often struggle to cope with our daily life. So, sooner you’ll get to know the symptoms of your anxiety and get help, the more likely you’ll get better.

Signs and symptoms

People with anxiety issues counters a variety of physical, behavioural and mental or psychological conditions and most of these symptoms develop slowly over the time. In most of the times, some stressful situation or unfavorable events like important office meeting or job interview attributed to anxiety which tends to be limited in time. You need to understand that anxiety is completely a subjective experience, everyone may not experience the same type of symptoms. However, anxiety condition has some distinctive factors and also some common symptoms like:

  • Physical symptoms – panic attacks, breathing problem, chest pain, hot and cold flushes, heart palpitations, nausea, headache, churning stomach, trembling, restlessness, muscle spasms, tiredness, irritability, dizziness or feeling faint, trouble sleeping, numbness, frequent urination, etc.
  • Psychological symptoms – depressive symptoms like hopelessness, obsessive thinking, worrying, problems with concentration and memory power.
  • Behavioral symptoms – avoiding anxiety producing situations that may affect your social life, or indulging in unhealthy or self-destructive behavior like drinking alcohol or taking drugs to cope with your anxiety.

Its’ too important to seek help as soon as you experience this kind of symptoms, because if you left this disorder untreated then at some point your anxiety will take over your life.

Etizolam for anxiety

Etizolam is a psychoactive drug often prescribed by the doctors for the treatment of short-term anxiety disorder. Pharmacologically it is quite similar to another conventional benzodiazepine that’s why etizolam is called as a benzo analog. Etizolam is also considered as minor tranquillizers, or sleeping pills help people to cope with anxiety effectively. This drug reduces chronic stress or tension which is the main cause of anxiety and promotes relaxation to the user. However, we do not encourage you to take etizolam for the treatments for anxiety without consulting a physician. If you are in a country where etizolam is not recognized as a medical substance, do not use it as a medicine.

Once you identify the symptoms of anxiety, it is advisable to use this drug only for short-term treatment of anxiety, because long-term use of this drug can develop different physical issues such as poor alertness, and coordination problem. As it is an addictive medicine better to go with the lower dosage. With higher dosages, the risk of developing side effects are also higher.  Though etizolam is considered as safe drug while consuming in a lower dosage, it is also advisable to consult with a doctor before using this drug.

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