etizolam dangers

In the world of mental illness and its corresponding treatment, one drug is starting to gain popularity although the scope of its legality is minimal due to its potency and negative effects. The name of the drug is Etizolam, a very potent drug which can calm every possible nerve impulse on the brain and surely delivers relief to those who are suffering from mental disorders. There has been a way, however, to slip the drug into hospitals over the world and for most people to benefit from its effects. There are many misconceptions about etizolam dangers and thus this drug is not yet approved in many countries.

The drug comes in several market names. If you are familiar with generics, that’s exactly how it works. You can buy the drug under the names Sedekopan, Etilaam, Etizest and Etizola. The general composition of these drugs is identical as well. There may be a very slight difference in the conditions these drugs are being administered to. However, those cases are really rare. Let’s take a look at each of these Etizolam derivatives.


Most tablets in the market are composed of 0.25mg of Etizolam. The general use of this drug is the treatment for depression, panic disorder, tension headache, sleep disorders, low back pain, and cervical spine disorder among others. These conditions are also generally treated by Etizolam, and it’s market rival which is the Valium.


Etizola, which is another derivative of Etizolam, is also widely used for treating almost all of the conditions that are being treated by both Etizolam and its derivative Etilaam. Similar to Etilaam, this variant is also composed of 0.25mg of Etizolam. There are other variants however which contains a higher amount of Etizolam depending on the severity of the condition.


This derivative could be used in two forms, either by injection which is its liquid form or through a tablet or oral dose. Similar to the other derivatives, this drug is also generally used to treat various mental conditions just like those mentioned above. The potency pretty much is the same since the drug also uses Etizolam as its main element.


This drug could be commonly found in the Indian market and most online stores. The drug comes with three variations depending on the amount of Etizolam infused in the formulation. The scope of treatment otherwise covers the same set of mental conditions as its other siblings.

In conclusion, all of these brand names work exactly as its main element which is Etizolam. This drug is about to replace Valium and all of the other sedatives in the market due to its potency. Here are some things to consider though when taking any of these drugs to avoid any etizolam dangers.

  • Several pre-existing conditions should be taken into account before taking any of these drugs as this might cause harmful effects on the user.
  • The advice of your health care physician should be sought before even taking any of these drugs.
  • There are harmful side effects attributed to the use of Etizolam and any of these derivatives, always take any of these drugs with precaution.

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