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At, we believe in supplying quality etizolam products to our avid researchers. This compound has gained a lot of interest in Canada over the years for its potential pharmacological properties. Our company was founded in order to supply the best quality etizolam that has been lab tested and certified via HPLC. Please note, our products are intended for research purposes only and should not be used for any other purpose. For more information, please read our terms and conditions page or contact us.

Our Etizolam is sold as a standalone raw powder product or suspended in Propylene Glycol solution for convenient volumetric measuring. We know our researchers will be happy and satisfied with the quality of our research products. Feel free to review our product pages and shop page for our full line of research products. Shop Canadian now to support local vendors offering great products and service. We guarantee to beat the service and shipping of our Southern USA competitors – plus no customs issues.


We sell pure etizolam powder. Every batch is lab tested and pharma-grade quality with an HPLC analysis guaranteed to be >98%. Other companies in the USA and >Canada choose to sell sub par chemicals below 90% purity. We take pride in the quality of our products at affordable prices that every Canadian researcher can afford.

Our powder comes in 50 mg and 100 mg bags. Each bag has a singular plastic bag containing the etizolam powder and an outside heavy duty white aluminum foil bag. We offer the outside bag as extra security for damage during shipping along with improved stealth and privacy. Your products are guaranteed to arrived safely. discreetly and quickly. Check our our shop page now to buy etizolam powder.

PG Solution

We also offer a Propylene Glycol (PG) suspension. Our PG etizolam solution is mixed at 1 mg of active chemical per milliliter of Propylene Glycol. The solution comes in amber brown 60 ml/2 oz bottles. Our etizolam solution is great for researchers looking for a convenient and quick way to measure the product. Like our powder, the PG solution has the same quality standards with high quality ingredients. You will not be disappointed or your full money back.

Why Research Etizolam?

Researchers in Canada and across the globe are choosing to research etizolam. Some countires in Europe have already approved the chemical as a drug. Other countries and research companies have secured patents on the chemical. Currently in the USA and Canada there is no accepted medical use however it is legal to obtain and research in most areas (illegal in some USA states we do not ship there).

Etizolam is unique from closely related benzodiazapine chemicals. Technically the chemical is a thienodiazepine. Although it carries many of the same effects and side effects of traditional benzodiazapines, it does have some unique properties. It is alleged to have antidepressant effects.

Another major thing researchers are looking at is the alleged tolerance delay. Benzodiazapines are very addictive and grow tolerance fast so researchers are actively looking for a compound that will carry similar anxiolytic effects without the same dangers and rapid increases in tolerance.

Studies in Europe have confirmed that etizolam has similar dangers and addictive properties to benzodizapines however, its short half life and unique alleged anti-depressant effects may make the chemical a better alternative.

Legality in Canada

Etizolam is fully legal to obtain, purchase and research in Canada. Currently it is not illegal in any city or province in the county. With this said, it is important to be aware as the laws are always changing especially since the chemical can technically have similar effects to benzodiazapines and therefore have similar dangers and addictive properties.

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